The Nichols Hills Sanitation Department provides a house-side pick-up service twice weekly. Collection days on your block will be Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. For pick-up days or any other questions regarding your sanitation services, call City Hall at 405-843-6637 or Public Works at 405-843-5222.

All household garbage must be placed in watertight plastic or metal containers not larger than 35 gallons. All containers are required to have covers and handles. No filled trash receptacle may weigh over seventy-five pounds. Plastic trash bags containing household garbage must be placed in covered containers. Containers are to be stored at the side of the house and screened from view from the street and view of adjacent property owners.

Tree limbs shall be securely tied in bundles not exceeding four feet in length or two feet in diameter. Leaves and grass clippings shall be placed in appropriate strength plastic bags and may be placed curbside for pickup on the regular pickup day only. No more than twenty-five bags of grass clippings or leaves will be picked up.

Absolutely no rock, dirt, gravel, tree stumps, building materials, appliances, or hazardous waste will be accepted.

Garbage Rates as of July 1, 2022 (Ordinance 1208)

  • Monthly Rate: $44.42
  • Plus $1.97 for each barrel used by the City for collection and disposal in excess of three barrels on any collection day.
  • State Waste Fee: $0.25