Public Programs

House Check & Extra Watch

"House Check" is a program that encourages residents to notify the police department whenever they are going to be away from their homes, whether for an extended period or for a few days. Upon being notified, the police department will make periodic checks of the resident's house while they are away. "Extra Watch" is a similar program but deals with special problems, temporary in nature, such as a family member home alone or other safety or security-related concerns. Under this program, officers are alerted to the concern so they can react more responsively and make more frequent passes by homes or businesses placed on the "Extra Watch" list.

Special Traffic Operations Programs (STOP)

S.T.O.P. programs are initiated to respond to specific traffic problems within the city. When a resident calls concerning speeding motorists or other traffic problems, the Patrol division assigns officers to focus special attention on the problem area. This may include unmarked surveillance, radar surveillance, and visual observation to monitor the number and average speed of vehicles passing through the area. In the absence of specific complaints, the Patrol Division randomly assigns locations for the officers to initiate ST.O.P. activity. To request a STOP Program, complete the request form (PDF).