Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare is responsible for responding to calls for service within the City of Nichols Hills involving animals. Animal Welfare receives complaints and concerns involving animals from residents while also proactively identifying nuisances. Animal Welfare assists the public with animal-related issues both domestic and wild.

The Animal Welfare Officer's primary responsibilities include:

  • Answers questions and/or explains the city's animal codes.
  • Responds to citizen complaints involving animals.
  • Captures stray animals and transports them to the shelter.
  • Observes areas of alleged continuous violations and takes appropriate action when needed.
  • Aids animals that may be in harm's way.
  • Examines dog licenses for validity and issues warnings or citations to violators.
  • Provides food, water, and care to detained animals before they are released to shelter or owner.
  • Maintains record of animals impounded and the disposition of each animal.
  • Investigates reports of animal bites.