Patrol Division

Officer Generated Performance

Beginning in early 1989, the process for police officer performance evaluations was changed dramatically. Previously, officer performance was measured on the basis of reactive activity, such as, the number of calls answered, number of arrests made, etc. These statistics, although important to record, do not accurately represent the effectiveness of an officer and for the most part, represent activity over which the officer has no control.

In order to change from reactive to proactive, the basis for performance evaluation had to be changed. Therefore, "Officer Generated" actions were selected as the key elements to be measured. Activities such as house checks, business checks, field interviews and special traffic operations, etc., were selected as the key factors to be measured.

This change not only gives officers performance goals that they can achieve through self-initiation and self-motivation, but it also produces a "proactive" direction for the department and enhances levels of service to the community.

Patrol Duties Include:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Extra Patrol Services

The extra patrol is designed to provide intensive short-term police coverage in reference to a specific problem and location. Further information about Extra Patrol may be obtained by contacting the Police Dispatcher at 405-843-5672.

House Check Services

Officers will check the exterior security of enrolled vacant residences and closed business daily (weather permitting). This program is designed to give the vacationing resident an extra measure of security. To add your house to the service or for more information, contact the Police Dispatcher at 405-843-5672.

Alarm / 911 Response

Nichols Hills Police Officers respond to all alarms, 911 calls, and calls for service usually in less than two minutes. The City of Nichols Hills requires alarm system registration and permits. These are available at no cost. Multiple false alarms, 911 calls, or failure to register your alarm can subject the owner (or business) to fines. Please contact the Police Department for more information.