In the early years of Nichols Hills, a parks committee was formed by residents under the leadership of John Kilpatrick and former Mayor Ann Taylor to help the parks remain a 'glorious setting' for the City. Then in 1977, local landscape architect Bill Renner was asked to create a master plan for the entire park system. This plan, funded by the City and generous donations from many residents, improved the parks for all to enjoy nature and appreciate the outdoors.

Over the years, additions to the plan have been made, many again made possible due to the generosity of our residents. Some of the most notable features include a clock tower, bronze sculptures, gazebos, fountains, and colorful bird feeders. Sidewalks, walkways, benches, and doggie bags have also been added, as well as some ADA-compliant features.

Today, the thirty-one landscaped parks in Nichols Hills, both large and small, remain lovely works of art, contribute to a healthy lifestyle, help sustain the natural environment with native plants and pollinators, and provide space for art.

The City, in conjunction with Nichols Hills Parks, Inc., ensures that all parks, medians, and other common areas are maintained and seasonally landscaped.

The Board of Park Commissioners is another public body that helps the City add enhancements to its parks. The Board is made up of nine members to review and recommend park and recreational beautification and improvements in the City.

General Park Information

  • Park Rules
  • All parks are available to the public from sunrise until 10 p.m.
  • Permits are required for private social activities with 20 or more people. Email the City Manager with event details (date, time, location, number of attendees, and description of event)
  • Parking only in designated areas (not on grass)
  • All parks are tobacco-free
  • A Walk in the Parks App

Nichols Hills Parks

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