Fire Department

Welcome to the Nichols Hills Fire Department (NHFD) Webpage.

Our response district is just under three square miles and includes over 1,800 homes, around 200 businesses, three large churches, and one private school.

We have an Automatic Aid agreement with the Village Fire Department, which borders us on the north, and we are members of the Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact, which is a statewide Mutual Aid agreement.

We are a career department with 15 full-time personnel.

We have a Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, and Training Officer.

We have three shifts Red, Blue, and Green. Each shift has a Captain, Lieutenant, Driver Operator, and a firefighter.

The City of Nichols Hills currently holds an ISO/PPC Classification of 2. The Public Protection Classification (PPC) program is a community fire protection scoring system based on a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) used by the Insurance Services Office, also known as ISO Mitigation. Communities get a PPC score from 1 to 10. 1, meaning the community has superior property fire protection.

Fire Department's Mission

Mission Statement

The members of the Nichols Hills Fire Department are united to excel in the delivery of services for life, health, and property conservation, through effective public and personal education, with an eye toward the future and the changing needs of the community.

Nichols Hills Fire Department Goals

  • Ensure an adequate response to emergency incidents.
  • Expand public relations and education to improve life safety and property conservation.
  • Enhance community service by increasing teamwork through improved interdepartmental relations.
  • Maintain a high level of employee physical and mental fitness, thereby increasing safety and reducing injuries.
  • Purchase quality, reliable, state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus to satisfy the needs of the community.
  • Provide a higher level of pre-hospital care, increasing the number of lives saved and reducing the extent of injury.


In this ever-changing world we live in, firefighters must be prepared to respond to emergencies that were unheard of in years past. The Nichols Hills Fire Department (NHFD) is prepared to respond to a wide range of calls, from a simple public assist to a weapon of mass destruction incident. NHFD is a well-trained, fully equipped, fully paid professional department. We have one station that houses one ladder truck, one engine, one brush pumper, and two command vehicles.

Approximately 4,000 people live in the City of Nichols Hills, and most of them will need our assistance in some way at some point in time. NHFD responds to 700-800 calls each year. These calls are very diverse in nature. They range from service calls (lifting assistance, house unlocks, etc.) to structure fires to special rescue to emergency medical calls. Our average response time to emergency calls is less than three minutes.

Rest assured that no matter what type of assistance you might require, we will be there quickly to help and protect you.

Storm Shelter Registration

The Nichols Hills Fire Department has implemented a Storm Shelter Registration Program. This is a voluntary program to help the Fire Department keep the City of Nichols Hills safe.

Our goal is to find new and inventive ways to care for the residents of Nichols Hills. We want to make this city a safe place for your family to live. Registering your storm shelter will help firefighters rapidly locate and render aid to your family in the event of a weather-related emergency.

Go to the Storm Shelter Registration Form and register online or contact NHFD at 405-843-8526.

In the event of severe weather conditions, your family needs to be prepared. Planning is a very important aspect of staying safe. Be proactive and design a family disaster plan today. For help designing a disaster plan for your family, go to the Red Cross website or contact NHFD at 405-843-8526.

Knox Box Program

More than 1,400 fire departments and government agencies use Knox key boxes, and Nichols Hills Fire Department utilizes this program as well. Commercial and residential key boxes can be purchased through KNOX. The boxes are mounted near the front door of the home or business. Having one of the boxes can prevent unnecessary damage to your home or business should the fire department need to make entry during an emergency call. Boxes can be ordered through the Knox Box website. Once on the page, you will select the type of box that you want, as well as selecting the Nichols Hills Fire Department. For more information about this program or to place an order, visit the Knox Box website.

Contact Fire Chief Kevin Boydston at 405-843-8526.

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