Building Inspections & Code Enforcement

Building inspectors review Building Commission, Planning Commission, and Board of Adjustment applications for permitting and inspections usually occur on weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

All applications and documentation can be submitted by email to Building Inspections.

Inspections are scheduled directly with the inspectors: Asa Warlick at 405-245-6532.

The Permits and Licensing Clerk issues contractor registrations, building, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and other City permits. Permits are required for the change in use of land, buildings, or structures, or to construct, alter, move, or add an addition to any building or structure.

Building Permits

Any type of construction work will require a Building Permit.

Electrical Permits

Any type of electrical work will require an electrical permit. The Electrician must be licensed with the City of Nichols Hills.

Plumbing Permits

Any work involving plumbing, water, gas, heat/air, or sewer will require a permit. The plumber must be licensed with the City of Nichols Hills. This includes French drains. French drains must either penetrate the curb or be open-ended at least 12 feet from the back of the curb or street edge.

Mobile Food Vendor Permits

A mobile food service permit is required prior to any sales. Permits may be obtained for either a one-day, thirty-day, or one-hundred-eighty days. See the application process for a mobile food service permit. Click here to download the application for Mobile Food Vendor Permit.

Garage Sales

An application and permit are required for all garage/estate sales held within the City of Nichols Hills. One sale per address every six months for two consecutive days. A sign must be on the applicant's property only. Please contact City Hall at 405-843-6637 to apply for a Garage Sales Permit.

Contractor Registration

Contractors required to be licensed by state law must register with the City, including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical contractors. General contractors must complete a registration form, a copy of valid identification, and general liability insurance.

Permit Forms

See planning and zoning forms.

Licenses and permits may be obtained at the Public Works Department, 1009 NW 75th Street. For additional information, call 405-843-5222.


Online payments can be made after an account is established.

Credit card payments are accepted at both the Public Works Facility and the City Administration office.

Cash and check payments are only accepted at the City Administration office (a permit must be approved before the City Administration office can receive payment).